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Jane Blodgett's 1860 Day Dress

Jane Blodgett
Flowered muslin dress, USA.
This dress was worn by Jane Blodgett Dunnell and is described as being her engagement dress. It was probably worn for her engagement party or barbecue, and is typical of a simple cotton formal day dress of the period that a upper-class American girl of good family would have worn. The neckline is cut across the shoulders, typical of a young girl's dress, but it has long flared sleeves with piped frills, typical of a young lady's dress. It is long, pointing to the fact that the wearer would probably have been around 17 or 18, still considered a child in some ways, but allowed to have some grown-up ness about her clothes. The material is an extremely high quality cotton print, which would not have been cheap. It is printed with an extremely attractive sprig motif in pink, green and lavender.
Jane Blodgett Dunnell's 1860s wedding dress and shoes have also survived and can be seen in the "Bodice" and "Footwear" section.
(From the Milford- Cottam collection)