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Green Plaid Day Dress

Green Plaid Day Dress
C.1865-1867. Made out of green plaid silk taffeta. This dress is not in it's original form as the bodice was originally bigger, but was renovated around 1866/1867 to fit a smaller member of the family. The skirt keeps it's original waist size of 27" but the bodice only has a 24" waist and a 31" bust. The fullness of the skirt and the fact it is trained suggests it was originally worn around 1865. Measures 120" around the hem. The bodice is styled by using gathered material at the front and is quite fitted at the back to show off a trim figure. The skirt is lined in brown cotton as is the bodice which has it's original whalebone boning.
Although the skirt is shown touching the floor, it wouldn't have been worn floor length, it would have been worn about 2" off the ground to give it a sweeping effect. The wearer would have been about 5'4"- 5'5". (Formerly L. Hidic)