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Jane Blodgett's Wedding Bodice

Jane Blodgett
1862-65 ivory silk taffeta wedding bodice and shoes, USA. Worn by Jane Blodgett Dunnell.
The skirt of the dress has been unpicked and dismantled, and presently survives only as numerous lengths of the same silk taffeta, and yards and yards of pinked taffeta frilling, which can be seen in the photograph. It was however , an enormous skirt, and would have gone over an extremely large crinoline. The bodice is made to an extremely high standard. It has long points front and back, is boned, and laces up the back. The impressive sleeves are tight at the wrist, but extremely full and puffed, in graduated tiers of puffs, with many pinked scalloped frills at the cuffs. The same frills are also used across the bust of the bodice. The condition of the bodice is superb, apart from being a bit crushed from storage. Also surviving are the shoes that went with the dress, which can be seen in the "Footwear" section.
(Milford-Cottam collection)