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Purple Striped Bodice

Purple Striped Bodice
C.1864- 1866. Royal blue and purple striped taffeta bodice, lined in brown cotton and boned at the front with 4 whalebones.
The bodices features a long basque which was popular during the mid 1860's when crinolines became elliptical. The basque and the peplum at the back, would emphasise the rear (forshawdoing the bustle of the late 1860's- 1870's).
I'm not sure if the bodice originally had a longer basque and a peplum, as on closer inspection the basque is sewn around the waist after the bodice itself was made. It might have been restyled and updated shortly after it was originally made. The shoulder seams are dropped and feature epaulets which were popuar during this time (especially in America during the Civil War, it lent a "military" air to an outfit). The sleeves themselves are plainly cut. The bodice fasten up the front with hooks attaching into reinforced holes made in the bodice, instead of regular metal eyes that were sewn on.
The original wearer of the bodice would have been around 5'6"- 5'8", the bust measures 38", waist 28".
(Formerly L. Hidic)