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Striped Bolero

Striped Bolero
C.1866. This bolero is part of a set of a 1885-1887 bustle dress that had been renovated from an 1860's outfit. Made out of striped silk taffeta, this bolero would have been worn over a plain cotton or silk blouse with a skirt made out of the same material as the bolero.
The outfit would have looked very similar to the dress the lady is wearing in this carte de visite.
The outfit would have been a large size, about a US 14/ UK 16. It fastens at the neck only and is open at the front. Trimmed around the edges and the cuffs of the sleeves with silk fringe. Fringe and trimmings became popular at the end of the 1860's and would continue into the 1870's. The back of this bolero is shaped into a peplum to emphasize newly shaped elliptical crinolines (which evolved into bustles). To learn the full story of this outfit, please go to the 1880's section and look in the "Dress" section for "Striped Bustle Dress".
(L. Hidic)