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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

Blue Taffeta Skirt

Blue Taffeta Skirt
This skirt dates to about C.1865-1866 when a skirts focus began to move towards the back. There are numerous pleats at the back to accommodate an elliptical crinoline or later on, a crinolette. The skirt is made out of vibrant royal blue silk taffeta with black criss cross designs printed on it and lined in brown cotton.
The waistband was originally 28" but was extended to 36". It is slightly trained and measures 44" long in the front and 46" at the back. The skirt is quite long on me at 5'9", even when worn with my biggest hoop. The woman who originally owned it was probably around 5'10" or 5'11". It opens and fastens at the left side, where it also has a hidden pocket. The hem measures 133" all around.
The skirt is a walking skirt that can be looped up. There are 4 sets of hook n eyes sewn into the two main front seams and two main back seams. If you wanted to raise your skirt to make it a short walking length, all you would have to do is attach each hook n eye and voila.
(L. Hidic)