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Pork Pie Hat

Pork Pie Hat
C.1868. Little forward tilting hats became really popular during the second half of the late 1860's. They would considered "fast", and were mostly worn by the young. The older ladies still clung to their bonnets.
The Pork Pie was called by the name due to the fact it was small and round like a pork pie. This one would have been worn during the spring and summer months, and is made out of woven straw with painted papier mache flowers on wire. The back of the hat is decorated by a beige colored silk faille ribbon. The cord loop of braided straw at the back would have been used to secure the hat in its tilted position on the head.
By the late 1860's hairstyles consisting of full chignons were fashionable and the chignon would have been threaded though the loop to anchor the hat.
(L. Hidic)