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Quilted Winter Petticoat

Quilted Winter Petticoat
C.1865. Quilted petticoats are quite unusual to find due to the amount of work that went into making them and the fact that central heating did not exist, so they were often worn out.
This lovely petticoat is in wonderful condition and is made out of white cotton. The bottom half of the skirt had wadding inserted into it and then decorative stitches were used to keep it in place. The stitching was done with an old chain stitch treadle machine which is common for the mid 1860's.
The waist might have originally had a drawstring, but later a button hole and linen covered button were added. The lady who I bought this off of was alot smaller in the waist and height and she added an elastic into the waistband channel and took up the hem of the skirt to make it shorter. I removed carefully the elastic from inside the waist and let down the hem to the original length (the raised hem stitch holes are still visible across the middle part of the quilting but thankfully they blend in well with the original quilting). There is period machine and hand stitching.
It's in lovely condition and is strong and wearable. There is a little brown spot at the top front waist, and the odd light colored age spot here and there. It's a rare larger size too! Waist measures 30" and would suit a height of up to 5'9", length 36". Measures 96" around the hem.
(Formerly L. Hidic)