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Haunted Folding Parasol

Haunted Folding Parasol
This parasol dates from C.1858 to the early 1860's. It measures about 28" long and has a folding stick. These folding parasols were known as "Carriage" parasols, and could be folded up when not in use. This one too, also has a "Marquise" stick, which means the stick has a tilting hinge near the top, where the parasol cover is attached to the ferrule. It is an older feature which is often found on earlier parasols of the regency period. It meant you could tilt the parasol cover to the angle you wanted to block the sun.
The parasol cover is made out of black silk, with a silk flounce all around, mirroring the flounced skirts of the 1850's and early 1860's. The stick is made out of ebony with a curled handle, and the slide which covers the folding hinge is made out of brass painted black. The inside of the parasol has a cotton lining. The ribs are made out of metal. This would have made it a very expensive parasol, as metal ribs were invented in 1858 and were only on very expensive parasols during this period. ribs were previously made out of bamboo (later on in the 19th century, metal ribs would replace damboo and still does to this day).
As a note of interest, this parasol is haunted. Yes, I said haunted! I had a strange happening arise when I was playing around with it! See the October 2001 Tidbits archived article for more info.
(L. Hidic)