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Maroon Striped Parasol

Maroon Striped Parasol
C.1860. It's so hard to find a period parsol in nice condition. This one is made out of maroon striped taffeta. It has a fine thin dark burgundy colored stick. The handle and ferrule still have their ivory tips! On closer inspection, it looks like there were originally endings on the tips of the ferrule and handle that have previously broken off. The ribs are made out of wood and none are broken. The original tassle still remains on the handle.
The parasol is still in working order and is usable, although there are a few little tears in the cover. The worst one is V shaped at the edge of the fabric. Still, the fabric is strong and the parasol have that lovely and desirable Pagoda shape. Measures almost 33" long
(Formerly L. Hidic)