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Black 1860s bodice

Black 1860s bodice
c.1865. A black mid 1860's bodice made out of black silk taffeta with contrasting bands of white taffeta. The white bands are accented with little black buttons. It's lined in browny-grey linen and boned with 6 small whalebones.
The bodice is in fair condition but is not wearable. It's suitable for pattern taking, display or as a study item. There are some tears in the taffeta on the right sleeve and small moth holes throughout the bodice. The white contrasting bands have wear (especially at the underarms) and there are a few little black buttons missing.
The high point of this antique garment is it's gorgeous buttons! There are nine 1/2" buttons (all are present) which clip onto the inside of the bodice. They have a milky white glass center with a band of brass around them (this looks like it was originally silver plated). Tiny black enameled dots decorate the brass band. It's rare to find buttons like these still present on a bodice as they were usually removed. The buttons alone are worth the price of the bodice!
Measurements: Shoulders 15 1/2", Bust 31", Waist 20"
(Formerly L. Hidic)