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Wedding Button Boots

Wedding Button Boots
C.1872. The 1870's was really the start of the button boot becoming fashionable. Although worn sometimes during the 1860's, they were not generally worn until the 1870's when new improved sewing machines made them easier to make.
This style of button boot with scalloped tops and button flaps, square toes and a little Baby Louis heel, is the quintessential boot of the 70's. This pair is made out of a silk and wool fabric with milk glass buttons. The boots are made with a right and left last and have broad square toes.
Fancy white button up boots like these were often worn as part of a wedding ensemble. The Royal Ontario Museum has a near identical pair of boots (their's are in white kidskin) and were worn by a bride in 1872. My ones have virtually no wear on the soles, so it is possible that they were never worn or worn in carpetted areas. The boots measure 8 7/8" long and 2 1/2" wide but there is give in the material to allow the foot to spread over the acutal sole. They are a US size 6 (UK size 4). (From the collection of Leila Hidic)