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1875 Bustle

1875 Bustle
This bustle evolved from the late 1860's cage crinolines from when the focus was on the back of the skirts. This bustle could also be called a "crinolette" as it is made in the same fashion as hoops were and is a series of half hoops. This bustle is in good condition as it was probably not worn that much as the next year this high bustle would go out of fashion, skirts would become more tighter fitting and the vestige of the "bustle" would drop to the back of the knees (to see an example of the new 1876 low bustled dress, click here).
To see the type of dress this 1875 bustle would have been worn with, click here.
The fullness back of the bustle, is controlled by lacing in the inside. (Bustle formerly from the collection of Leila Hidic, photographs of my uncle's ancestors: courtesy of my aunt, Mrs. L. Pinkerton)