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Trained Bustle Ballgown

Trained Bustle Ballgown
C.1883-1885. Although in very poor condition now, it must have been a stunner when it was new and an obvious favorite of the lady who once owned it. It would have taken a larger bustle than I have showed it with. The outfit consists of the lace up back bodice, bustle skirt (does not have a bustle, you need to add a separate one) and a train with ties at the waist. The gown is made out of a pinky beige bengaline. The bodice is styled asymetrically as was the style during the mid 1880's and the skirt features vandyking, another typical 1880's fashion. Pink silk ribbons decorate the shoulder straps, skirt vandyking and the bodice peplum.
The whole outfit weighs a ton and the train has a cotton? wool? wadding interior. The underside of the train has a lace "balayeuse" to protect the train from wear and dirt. The begaline is not in good condition as it has many tears and much damage. It is not a wearable or displayable piece. Bodice is lined and fully boned. It would be suited to taking a pattern, or for study as it's quite rare in the fact that all three pieces have remained together all these years.
The bust measures approx. 34", waist about 24". The train measures over 60" long - my tape ran out!
(Formerly L. Hidic)