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Jeweled Ballgown Bodice

Jeweled Ballgown Bodice
c.1885-1889. This bodice must have looked stunning with the original skirt. It was made in London by Mdm Jeanette Sly, 10 Somerset Str, Portman Square W. (This is all printed in gold on the inside stayband). This area is where Westimister Palace stands and was (and still is) a very posh area. This bodice came from Montreal, Canada and it is likely that it was owned by a rich woman who had her clothes made in England.
It's made out of an unusual lime green silk with black brocade satin (which also has a green sheen to it). The bust part of the bodice and the back, is decorated with tons of glass beads and rhinestones sewn onto black net. Although the bodice looks like it's sleeveless, it looks like it originally had net sleeves, probably decorated in the same way with jewels on them too. The inside of the bodice is lined in a thin denim material, and is heavily boned 11 long whalebones. Fastens up the front with hook 'n eyes, and it had a peplum at the back (most of it removed now) which would have gone over a bustle.
The lady who wore it would have been around 5'7". It has a 38" bust and a 28" waist.
(L. Hidic)