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Bustle Petticoat

Bustle Petticoat
C.1885. A beautiful and rarely found full petticoat to go over a large bustle. These petticoats added extra fullness to the skirt, and softened the lines caused but the metal ribs of the bustle. Bustle petticoats are very hard to find, as later on when skirts grew slimmer, they were often cut down into A line petticoats during the 1890's and Edwardian era.
This petticoat is made of soft white cotton with a full ruffle around the hem. It fastens at each hip with a white glass button while the back is tightly gauged into the waistband to allow for a very large bustle. The original owner took up the front length of the petticoat by approx. 2" by adding a pintuck. The back of the waist is adjustable by a drawstring. The petticoat is in strong, wearable condition. There are some small rust colored spots from age, use and storage, and a few tiny fray holes. There is a tear at the seam of the bottom of the left hip opening but this can be sewn back up easily into the seam and the hem shows some wear from dragging on the floor.
There are no serious condition issues which would prevent you from wearing or displaying this piece, it's clean and sparkling white. There is a combination of machine and handsewing. This petticoat is a very wearable size as well, the measurements are: Waist 30" (but can be made a few inches smaller by the drawstring), hips are pretty much free as this skirt is so full. Length is 37 1/2" but with the pintuck let out, this could be extended another 2" (the skirt is longer at the back to accommodate a bustle).
(Formerly L. Hidic)