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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

Half Hoop Crinoline

Half Hoop Crinoline
Many people think that the wearing of crinolines ended with the 1860's. Nothing could be further from the truth! While the general roundness and fullness of hoops diminished, hoops continued to be worn until the very late 1880's with bustles to hold out the heavy fabrics of the skirt that became so fashionable.
This is a half hoop. They were worn from the early 1870's to about 1887, and would have been worn with a separate bustle. I've shown a photo showing how it would look with a bustle (bustle dates from c. 1887). The waist measures 29" and often you find that the original wearer added material on to the waistband to extend it. The hoop is flat in front, with elastic to control how far the hoop jutted out at the back. The tighter the elastic was fastened, the bigger the "jut" would be at the back.
(Formerly L. Hidic)