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Quilted Winter Underskirt

Quilted Winter Underskirt
C.1885-1890. This heavy, thick underskirt came from Montreal, Canada where, as I have had first hand experience being born there, the winters can go to -40C! This skirt would have kept you warm and snug. It's constructed almost like a quilted blanket with it's criss-cross machine quilt stitch and it's cotton ticking lining on the inside.
The outside of the skirt is made out of royal blue heavy silk satin and the hem is bound with rough wool tape. The skirt feels like it's stuffed with wool or cotton wadding on the inside. The waist is drawstring and could accomodate any waist size up to 36". The Length is 39" which is good for any height.
This would have been worn by a working class woman and possibly by many female members of the family as the waist size is so flexible on it. Although it wouldn't have been worn by someone rich, it does reflect the current bustle fashion of the era. While the quilting is only at the bottom half of the skirt, at the back, it extends in a rectangle to the top of the waistband to create a mini bustle! What a good way to combine fashion and warmth!
(L. Hidic)