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Black Satin Quilted Winter Petticoat

Black Satin Quilted Winter Petticoat
C.1885-1890. A lovely and hard to find black quilted satin petticoat which would have been worn during the winter for extra warmth by a working class or middle class lady. The quilted areas are padded out with cotton? wool? wadding and is lined in drab colored cotton with a criss-cross print. The quilting goes all the way up to the bum at the back.
The waistband is lined on the inside with a cotton grosgrain ribbon with a whalebone stay inserted in a slot and fastens at the left side with hook 'n eyes.
The petticoat is in good condition but has much wear to the satin all around the waistline and hemline. Some of the wear at the waistline has created tears in the satin, but thankfully the lining is strong and keeps everything together. There are also 4 rows of horizontal stitch holes all around the skirt suggesting that this was probably taken up and let down at some point for different wearers, as was typical.
This is the second 1880's quilted satin petticoat I have seen (the other is in my own collection) and in both, the linings are badly stained by the volatile old dyes which ran when the skirt got wet from snow, rain or washing. This one has dark brown stains on the lining from the black dye.
The waist measures approx. 33", hips are free as this skirt is so full, Length 38".
(Melanie Talkington)