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Girl's Sidesaddle Riding Boots

These riding boots date to the late 1880's and would have been worn by a girl about the age of 8 for sidesaddle riding. They have wear on the inside and outsides of both boots which indicates she rode in a reversible sidesaddle (young girls were trained to ride sidesaddle on both sides of the horse instead of the traditional "near side" or left side of the horse. It was thought that if a girl rode on only one side, her spine would grow crooked). For non horsey people, if you ride sidesaddle on the traditional left side, you would have wear on the inside of your left boot from being against the horse and the outside of your right boots from rubbing against the saddle.
These boots would have been very expensive in their day, and are very rare to find. They probably only lasted because the girl grew out of them before she could wear them out. They are made out of patent leather (now all crazed) and have a 1" Baby Louis kidney shaped heel. The boots are made on a right and left last and have rounded toes.
Approx. a size US 5/ UK 3. Click here to see an advertisment from the January 26, 1901 'The Queen' Ladies Newspaper for riding boots. They are expensive at 46 shillings.
(L. Hidic)