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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

Late 1880's Sidesaddle Habit

Late 1880
This cabinet card by William Notman dates to the later 1880's and is similar to what will be worn into the 1890's. Women's riding habits became very tailored in the later 1880's, almost masculine looking, and is the basis to how sidesaddle habits look today.
This lady's bodice is so extremely tight fitting (even so, the sleeves are still cut loose near the top to allow for movement) that it shows the ridge of the corset on her belly! The bodice is cut in a semi "cutaway" style which is what is worn today for the formal habit. Note the light colored gloves (probably brown). Black gloves are never worn for sidesaddle riding, even today unless you are in mourning.
(L. Hidic)