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Victorian Dress with Two Bodices

Victorian Dress with Two Bodices
c.1894-1899. This dress is an excelent example of Victorian recycling. The original fabric dates to the early 1890's and was made into a dress around 1894- 1895. This is what the first bodice dates to with it's mutton sleeves. It was common for extra fabric to be purchased when making a dress so you would have some spare for repairs, and to make a new bodice if styles changed.
This is exactly what happened as around 1898-1899 a new <bodice was made that had narrower sleeves and a slightly pouched front, forshawdoing the styles of the Edwardian era.
The skirt is A line in shape and probably was only modified slightly as skirt styles pretty much remained constant during the 1890's. Both bodices have the same yellow sateen lining, lace trim (Early Bodice and Late Bodice lace trim) and white satin/lace bodice fronts. The skirt hem has the same lace trim as the bodices do. The outfit is made of soft beige silk damask and is in wonderful condition. The 1894 bodice is slightly bigger than the later one.
Measurements are: 1894 bodice: Neck 13 1/2", shoulders 13"- 13 1/2", bust approx. 34", waist 30", length 15". 1898 bodice: neck 12", shoulders 12", bust approx. 35", waist 23", length approx. 16". Skirt: waist 25" (I think it might have been made smaller for the later bodice to be tucked inside.), hip approx. 36", length approx. 39 1/2".
(Formerly L. Hidic. Can now be seen at the Life in a Lens Museum in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire)