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Yellow Day Dress

Yellow Day Dress
C.1898-1900 homemade yellow day dress.
This gown is simply made, but is quite striking with the color and the fabric is oh so soft! The fabric is sateen and this dress would have been worn during the summer time as Sunday best or for a special occasion by a working class young lady. The bodice is not boned but is made as a shirtwaist which became popular during the late 1890's. The sleeves are not as full as earlier Leg 'O Mutton sleeves, but are still cut similar. High standing collar.
The skirt is semi trained and has a wonderful "sweep" to it. It features knife pleating around the hem, which was popular during the 1880's. The dress is in very good condition and could quite easily be worn.
The only faults with this gown are the faint beigy yellow water stains down the front of the skirt. They aren't noticeable unless you look close up at the front of the skirt. The waistband was also enlarged by the original owner by adding yellow checked thin strips at the opening of the waist at the back. These aren't noticeable as the blouse would bag over it, or if you wear a belt like pictured. The measurements are: neck 14", shoulders 13" but could accommodate up to 15", bust: up to 38"/40", waist: variable. skirt: 27" waist.
(Formerly L. Hidic)