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Plus Size Black Satin Bodice

Plus Size Black Satin Bodice
C.1895-1899. A black silk satin bodice with a lace "shawl" sewn onto the shoulders of the bodice, with the long ends of the shawl hanging down the front.
Lace rosettes decorate the waist at the sides and back. The bodice is fully boned and fastens down the front with shiny jet buttons.
This bodice would have been worn by an older lady, as it incorporates elements of earlier styles like the basque and peplum around the bottom of the bodice, and the multitude of small buttons up the front. Both are 1880's fashions, but the cut and construction of the bodice along with the puffed upper sleeves are elements from the second half of the 1890's.
The size is very large, the shoulders measure approx. 17", bust 46"/48", waist 36".
(Formerly L. Hidic)