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Wine Colored Winter Bodice

Wine Colored Winter Bodice
C.1896-1897. A lovely late Victorian bodice for your wearing pleasure! It's such a striking and bold color that everyone will look when you wear it.
It's made of wool with the softest silk velvet trim you have ever felt. Soustache braid adds a bold contrast to the bodice. This bodice would have been worn during the winter time and is lined in striped cotton ticking. It's fully boned with 7 bones (they feel like whalebones) and has a waistband inside. The sleeves are in the puffed leg 'o mutton style, but aren't as large as earlier sleeves were, this is a transitional style. The bottom of each sleeve puff have a sweeping pagoda sleeve style skirt in which the velvet "undersleeve" comes out of. The high standing velvet collar also has a lace trim around the top to flatter the throat.
The lining fastens separately with hook 'n eyes, while the front of the bodice and the sleeve cuffs fasten with small painted brass coloured buttons. All the buttons are present with the exception of one off the left sleeve cuff. It's been replaced with another small brass button from the era with paisley designs in it. I think the original button must have been lost when the bodice was new as the thread to sew the "new" button is the exactly same thread as all the other buttons are sewn on with.
The bodice can be worn safely but there is wear to the velvet, particulary around the sleeve cuffs and along the edges of the velvet where the bodice fastens (this isn't that noticeable when the bodice is done up). There are little moth holes scattered throughout the bodice and some at the front as well. There is yellowing to the inside lining of the high standing collar and to the lace.
It is a wearable size. The measurements are; neck 13 1/4", shoulders approx. 14"- 14 1/2", bust 37", waist 23 1/2", length 19". The back is plain and is fitted with pleats.
(Formerly L. Hidic)