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1897 Bodice

1897 Bodice
This bodice is typical of bodice style of the late 1890's. It has "kick up" sleeves that were in vogue during the early 1890's, but the "kick up" sleeve of later in the decade was more softer looking than before.
Its made of a ribbed wool like fabric that is very stretchy, and is lined with a good quality silk taffeta. The yoke is made out of green felt and the soustache braid may be human hair!
The lady that owned this bodice also owned the purple princess line dress in the 1910's "Dress" section, the 1897 cape described below in the "Outerwear" section, and the winter boots described below in the "Footwear" section. She was of smallish build, around 5'5", but was quite busty. The bodice measures approx. 13" in the shoulders, 39" in the bust and has approx. a 27" waist.
(Formerly L. Hidic)