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Wedding Bodice

Wedding Bodice
C.1898. Ah, I'm such a romantic. I like to think the bride that wore this lived happily ever after. Mostly likely, she ended up having 10 kids and slaved over a hot stove all day! Looking at this lace covered confection, you can't help but daydream.
Although fitted like a bodice, it's more like a shirtwaist which started to become fashionable at the end of the 1890's. The bodice is made out of a ivory cotton sateen which is then covered in lace. Net tulle puffs decorate the upper arms. The bodice doesn't have any boning but it might have been removed later on to wear as a shirtwaist.
Creme colored silk ribbon accent the front and back of the bodice and the collar is quite tall at 3"! The front fastens with hook 'n eyes. Some look old and others look like they've been replaced.
The bodice is strong enough to be worn but there are beige armpit stains and the left tulle puff has a tear in it. There are also brown spots on the front yoke and the odd one here and there throughout the bodice.
Measurements: neck 12 1/2", shoulders 12", bust 34"- 35", waist quite loose at 30".
(Formerly L. Hidic)