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Patterned Silk Satin Bodice

Patterned Silk Satin Bodice
C.1897-1899. This bodice is made of black satin with a dot pattern woven in it. Features a high standing collar, sleeves with decorative gathers in them and the bodice is fully boned with 8 bones decorated with red and yellow stitching. This bodice was homemade by a talented seamtress, and has floral applique around the yoke at the front and back and around the high standing collar. A typical plainer style bodice of the late 1890's, sleeves are not full as earlier 1890's.
The measurements are: neck: 15", shoulders: approx. 13", bust: 39", waist: 31 2/2". The measurements show that this was possibly not worn with a corset, or maybe with loosely fitting "rational waist" stays. Its simple style and the fact it wasn't worn that much suggests that it would have been a best dress of a working class lady.
(Lissa Higgins)