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Winter Coat

Winter Coat
C.1895. A heavy wool winter coat from Montreal, Canada. It features the fashionable large Leg 'O Mutton sleeves of the mid 1890's, and is lined in black sateen to stop the wind from coming through. I have worn this out in the cold when I lived in Montreal and it is very warm.
Someone has added a zipper at the front but originally it probably closed with hook 'n eyes or buttons. It has a rounded neckline to accomodate the high necks of the 1890's and would have been worn with a fur stole or a woolen scarf. It is cut very close fitting to show off an hourglass shape, and the bottom of the coat is styled with slashes at the front and back which flare out over the hips to give a lovely figure.
The bust measures 39", waist 32" and the length is 43". This tintype shows a lady of 1895 wearing a similar styled jacket. Note how she wears a fur stole around the neck, and how the close fit of the coat fits her corsetted figure.
(L. Hidic)