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Curly Feathered Mourning Bonnet

Curly Feathered Mourning Bonnet
C.1895. A very classy bonnet owned by the same lady as the lavender bonnet (below), but this one would have been worn during the earlier stages of mourning.
It is built on a wire frame and is covered in black raffia straw work with ruffles of matte black ribbed cotton added and twisted in with the straw. The front of the bonnet has a chevron applique made out of matte black sequins and matte jet seed beads. The piece de resistance is a "boquet" of fine black curled feathers popping up at the left side of the bonnet.
The bottom edge of the bonnet at the back is bound in black grosgain silk ribbon, which in turn forms the ties. The black ties measure approx. 31" long.
The inside of the bonnet is lined in matter black cotton. The bonnet is in lovely condition with very little wear. Some of the feathers have been bent over time, but they still stand up and are curly.
Measures approx. 8 1/2" high and approx. 8 7/8" across the back. Size fits any head as they were worn perched at the back of the head.
(Formerly L. Hidic)