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Lavender Trim Mourning Bonnet

Lavender Trim Mourning Bonnet
C.1895. A striking bonnet which would have been worn during the later stages of mourning.
This bonnet is mounted on a wired frame, the front part of the bonnet being made out of lavender silk with the front being covered in black georgette and matte black sequin flowers. A pair of black satin "wings" along with a lavender silk covered wire ruffle poke up at the left side of the bonnet. The back of the bonnet is made of the same black satin, and is covered in black georgette with a multitude of sequins. The bottom edge of the bonnet is bound in black grosgain silk ribbon which then forms the ties. The long black grosgain ties measure approx. 28 1/2" long.
The inside of the bonnet is lined in strong black glazed cotton. This lovely bonnet is strong enough to be worn or display and only have some light wear from age and use. The lavender silk has faded and has become slightly dirty in places. The grosgain ties have some creases from age but are still intact and strong. Measures approx. 8 1/2" high (not including the "wings") and approx. 10" across the back. Size fits any head as they were worn perched at the back of the head.
(Formerly L. Hidic)