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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

Woman's High Spats

These high calf length spats were worn from the 1890's to about the 1910's. They would have been worn over a pair of lace up shoes of boots during the cold to protect the legs and ankles from the chill, rain or snow.
They are made out of dark beige felt and are cut curved to mould to the calf. The spats fasten up the outsides with 13 celluloid buttons (all present, one has been replaced on the left leg with an almost matching celluloid button from around the same era). Leather straps fasten the spat to the underside of each shoe.
They are in excellent wearable condition, the only thing wrong are the old repairs to some of the buttons and button holes, it looks like the original wearer's calf was a little big for them and stretched the button holes open and pulled the button off. They were fixed quite crudely but has done the trick!
They measure approx. 15" long (not including the leather straps) and the calf measures 14" (about a regular calf size, 15"- 16" being a wide size).
(Formerly L. Hidic)