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Long Lace Up Bicycle Boots

Long Lace Up Bicycle Boots
C.1895-1900. Long lace up boots made out of a dark golden brown supple leather which would ahve been worn for bicycling. They have been worn, so they do show the usual signs of wear on the soles and foot area as can be expected. The leather due to it's age and the fact they have been well cared for, has a wonderful warm patina to it which adds to their loveliness.
They lace at the front with regular brown grommet holes to the ankle and then lace up with speed lacing hooks all the way up the rest of the leg.
Decorative diamond patterned stitching is found on each side of each boot and gives the illusion of a regular length high top boot. The soles were resoled almost 100 years ago with rubber soles and lovely 2" high Louis heels set off an elegant shaped leg. The lacing is original.
They are a wearable size as well and aren't as narrow as most antique shoes found. The outside sole measure 9 1/2" long from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe and 3 1/4" wide across the ball of the foot. They are a ladies UK size 5 (US 7). From the bottom of the heel to the top of the boot measures 16 1/2", from the top of the heel to top of the boot measures 14 1/2". With the boots fully laced closed, the inside top of the boot around the calf measures 12 1/8" but if you have wider calves, the tongue measures 2 1/2" wide so you could leave the boots open that be extra (it would come to nearly 15") without showing leg.
(Melanie Talkington)