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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

Girl's Corset

C.1895-1900. Children's clothing is extremely hard to find, especially in good condition. Underwear is even harder as it took so much abuse. This corset is no exception. Named at the time as a "Corsetbodice" and would have been worn by a little girl about the age 6-10 depending on her age, weight and height.
Its made very similar to a ladies corset with the back lacing and the heavy boning, but it differs with the fact that it is not so nipped in at the waist to create an hourglass figure and the busk isn't so heavy duty. Made of cotton coutil it fastens at the front with bone buttons which are sewn on beside a steel "busk". It is boned with steel boning (some which have been removed probably by a concerned parent), but most of the "boning" is string cording which was made out of hemp. The straps can be postitioned according to the size of the wearer and would have been pinned to the corset. There are traces that suspenders for socks and stockings were originally sewn on the corset but were removed. It still has its original label sewn on at the front: "Little Bea" Reg. US Pa.
The corset measures 26" at the bust, 24" waist and approx 27" hip.
(L. Hidic)