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Corsets and Crinolines - unique vintage clothing

C.1896 Corset

C.1896 Corset
An overbust style in black fabric with printed roses on it. The high bust style of corset was popular with large breasted Victorian and Edwardian women before the bra was invented. This type of corset often had shoulder straps fastening to the front of the breast cup, almost like a modern day bra strap to give extra support.
This corset is heavily boned with very thin strips spaced side by side over the entire body of the corset. There are two wider bones on each side. There are 20 of the smaller bones on each side, not counting the two bones one on either side of the lacing grommets. The front busk is curved and has 5 hooks. Each clasp has F. C. co. printed on it. The inside is stamped FC No. 75. It appears that it is stamped size 22 on the inside. The busk is also backed by a second steel, a busk stiffener, to help stop breakage and give a fuller figure the support it needs. There is also some very fine trim at the top but its not really lace. There are 13 grommets on each side and the length at the back is 14" long. The front is 14 1/2" long at the busk. The waist is 22" and the length over the bust is 16".
As shown by all the evidence, the curved busk, high full bust, high back and the busk stiffener, this corset was certainly made for a curvey lady who wanted to tightlace.
(Mike Lamb)