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Nursing Corset

Nursing Corset
C.1896-1897. In the age before formulas and pre made baby food, most Victorian mothers breastfed their babies or the rich had wet nurses. Just like today where nursing bras available, nursing corsets were sold.
This corset is still fashioned to create an hourglass figure but with bust flaps that open to allow for feeding.
It doesn't look like it was ever worn as it only has a 20" waist (who ever has a 20" waist after 9 months of pregnancy?) but it shows that even though you gained tons of weight from being pregnant, the corset would fix everything. This one has the comfy curved busk to allow the fat to go somewhere and a full bust to allow for swollen breasts.
This probably was a summer corset, as it has lightweight bamboo boning which is characteristic of summer corsets. It's made out of cotton drill which means it was a less expensive corset, probably for a lower class mother.
(Formerly L. Hidic)