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Lace Trimmed Corset

Lace Trimmed Corset
C.1897-1901. I had this in my collection for a long time and have always been wowed by it. This stunning corset is made out of cotton with a straight front busk which became popular at the beginning of the Edwardian era. It isn't as long as most corsets, which makes me believe it might have been for evening wear. It's cut is a heart like shape at the front and just cups the bust. It's cut relatively high over the hips and comes down into a pont at the front. Has "True Fit" and "Boned with steel" stamped on the inside.
It does have wear and some damage and also period repairs. One of the bones has poked trough the inside and there are some tiny pin prick holes in the cotton. There is a rust spot from one of the bones and there is some wear to the fabric at the center back where the grommets are. This wear looks to be from when the laces are tied around the waist and would have rubbed. The fabric at the top and bottom of the busk has been patched to prevent the busk from cutting through the fabric.
As was typical of the era, things were often retrimmed and "freshened" up when they started to get worn. It is likely that this is what happend with this corset. I'm not sure what kind of lace this is but I think it might be Maltese and looks to be handmade. It has creme silk baby ribbon threaded through the slots. Although it seems strong enough to be worn briefly and with extreme care, I would not recommend doing so with such a rare item.
The measurements are bust approx. 30", waist approx. 22", hips 29", busk length 9 1/4" but the corset comes up a little higher than it. Has a patent date of Feb. 9 1897 on the busk and the corset is boned with 26 bones.
(Formerly L. Hidic)