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C.1898-1899 Corset

C.1898-1899 Corset
This German made corset dates from the later years of the 1890's maybe as late as 1901. I have chosen to put it in the 1890's category as the general shape is one of the older style of 1880's/1890's corsets, but the new straight busk and bust shape suggest the upcoming Edwardian years.
It is constructed out of a grey jean like material with pink stitching and white lace and a pink ribbon. The inside is stamped with 56 and with "Balena". It appears to be boned with whale bone. The waisttape has the following printed: "Nur acht nienn RFC a la Princesse gestem_elt". The other side reads "Centauris Corset"patent no 464.
There are 15 bones in each half and 5 clasps on the busk. Each half is 11" wide (waist size about 22"), the busk is 13" long and the back is also 13" long. Each side appears to have 6 panels. The lacing passes through metal eyelets. Has flossing over each bone end. This was both decorative and protective as it stopped the bones from working their way through the fabric.
(Mike Lamb)