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1890's Bustle

Grey cotton bustle stuffed with horsehair. These soft quilted bustles became popular in the early 1890's when the old style jutting out 1880's bustle went out of fashion. These ones still gave a slight structure to the skirt, but not as severe as older models were. They also stopped the newly tight fitting around the hips gored skirts from sticking between your bum causing embarrassment (they called your bottom, the "depression between your hips"!).
This type of bustle was worn right up to 1911 and came in several differentsizes. The sizes ranged from 00 (For large ladies who just needed slight padding to 3 for slender ladies in need of a bum, however it was possible to special order sizes outside the range such as this rarely found size eight. This bustle was for extremely slender ladies (possibly anorexic?). Most of the sizes found now are the 00 to 2.>br /> (L. Hidic)