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Silk Day Dress

Silk Day Dress
C.1899-1901, This dress is a transitional style gown from the heavy boned bodice dresses of the 1890's to the lighter weight softer looking styles of the Edwardian era.
The dress is made out a white silk with a printed green pattern. Lace edges the yoke, sleeves and inserted into the skirt. The skirt is very intricately made with the skirt being constructed of time consuming pleats which are then in turn sewn down. This gown would have been worn as day wear and was probably kept as a "best dress" for special occasions or going to church. The bodice is made up also of pleats sewn down, and the sleeves are the newly fashionable 3/4 length (which will really become the rage during the Edwardian era) and are trimmed with lace "cuffs". The bodice is fully boned and instead of fastening at the front as Victorian bodices did, this one features a side fastening bodice.
Edwardian bodices started to be constructed whereby they fastened at the left side of the body and under the left armpit and then a flap was fastened over the left shoulder. This gave a neater appearance to the bodice and made the opening less noticeable as it was covered by the arm.
The bodice measures 37" in the bust and 31" in the waist. The skirt is trained, a style which will become popular as the Edwardian era draws on. A trained petticoat is sewn on to the inside of the skirt to give it fullness. The waist measures 31".
(Formerly L. Hidic)