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1905 Ballgown

1905 Ballgown
The dress is made from a black lace with a large scale pattern, which is faced with a shimmering gold net. Not quite as shimmering now as it would have been. It has a velvet hem all around, which is accented with beads and sequins. Under the lace and the gold net, the dress is made from a very soft-coloured dusky lilac-grey silk satin, which is slightly shattering in places. The skirt has a lace dust-flounce inside.
The bodice is extremely low cut, with puffed sleeves made from ruched gold net lined with gauze. The white silk lining has shattered. The waistband is sequinned crepe, probably added in the 1930s or 1940s. The front of the bodice is beaded thin silk, which is now somewhat shattering. The sleeves and bodice are suspended by intricately interwoven velvet ribbon shoulder straps.
The overall effect would be one of sumptuous simplicity, but when you look closer, it is really very elaborately made and put together.
(Milford-Cottam collection)