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Bathing Costume

Bathing Costume
C.1905. A rare item of Edwardian lady's costume, a swimming gown! This lovely costume is made out of a royal blue cotton with white trim. Still has it's original button on the skirt and all it's origial buttons. It doesn't look like it was ever worn, but the skirt does have very light fading to the front edges and a little spot fading at the back, not as light as the camera flash makes them out to be. Part of the white trim of the skirt has a little staining from the dye running sometime during the past 100 years.
Would fit a height of up to 5'6"- 5'7". Shoulders measure 15", Bust is almost 40". Waist on the costume measures 38" but the waist on the skirt measures 33". Length 39".
(Formerly L. Hidic)