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Accordian Pleated Dress

Accordian Pleated Dress
C.1905-1906. This is one of my favorite dresses in my collection and has the most sentimental value to me as my Grandmother modeled (it was too small for all my mannequins) this for me before she died.
It dates from the early years of the Edwardian era and is made out of pink accordian pleated silk. Accordian pleated silk was very popular at the turn of the century and you bought it ready pleated from the shop. I don't think you could actually wash it because if you did, all the pleats would wash out. Many women however made dresses and skirts out of it. The first photo shows a lady from around the same date as my pink dress, wearing a accordian pleated skirt. The second photo shows a lady standing from a slightly later date around 1908 wearing a similar styled dress as mine made out of accordian pleated material too. Accordian pleats were also know as Sunray pleats.
The bodice of my dress is styled with the typical Pigeon pouted front of the Gibson girl era. The bodice isn't boned and fastens at the back. Has large Leg 'o Mutton short sleeves that were revived from the 1890's around 1905- 1906. The yoke around the neck and shoulders is made up of criss crossed pieces of pink silk sewn together. Measures Bust: 31", waist 25".
The body of the skirt is made out of the same accordian pleated material with the hips being fitted with pintucks to give a smooth appearance over the hips. Lace inserts divide the smooth hip from the full accordian pleats. Waist measures 23 1/2" and the skirt is 35" long.
The dress would have been worn by a young teenage girl about 5'5" and the skirt would have come just below the calf. It probably was a summer special occasion dress as it has short sleeves.
(L. Hidic)