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Princess Line Dress

Princess Line Dress
C.1909 purple velvet Princess style dress. Princess style dresses became popular in the 1870's. They could be extremely flattering to the figure as they were cut all in one piece, without a traditional separate bodice and skirt. The style came back in full force near the 1910's with the advent of the tubular straight corset. The princess style dress could show off a fine straight corsetted figure perfectly.
This one would have been worn by a young fashionable slender lady, as the measurements are Shoulders 14", Bust 33", Waist 27", length of dress, 46" (would have been worn at about ankle length). Her bust and waist are so near to each other in size, that she probably pulled off the new straight tubular corsets with ease making this dress look wonderful on her!
The trim on the "bodice" of the dress shows the Art Nouveau influence of the period. The lining in the "bodice" of the dress is actually taken from a 1880's or 1890's bodice. They had 4 bones left in the dress and there is evidence there were more when the lining originally was part of a separate bodice. The dress fastens with hook 'n eyes and the new press studs, that were becoming popular. I'm wondering if she wore the square neckline "bare" like on the dress form, or if she filled in it with a chemisette piece. It certainly would have been labled a "pneumonia dress" and been quite shocking for the older generation to see a young lady wearing a dress with so much exposed!
(L. Hidic)