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Lace Covered Evening Bodice

Lace Covered Evening Bodice
C.1905-1906. This bodice is an example of Edwardian opulence! The entire bodice is covered in Chantilly lace, which is gathered at the front to create a pigeon pouched effect. This creates a loose fitting airy illusion about the bodice when in fact it's mounted on a tight fitting lightweight denim lining and boned with 11 ten inch long bones! The outside of the denim is covered in taffeta with the lace placed over it.
I've worn this bodice and it does show show alot of flesh! There are no shoulder straps to hold up the shoulders so everything is off the shoulder, very sexy! The sleeves are made out of a different lace to the bodice and are in the Pagoda style. Sequined and beaded medallions decorate the neckine all around the front and back and each sleeve as well. Fastens down the back with hook 'n eyes.
The lady who owned this wasn't poor as it is an exquisite garment. The style is for a middle aged lady. She would have been about 5'9-5'11". The bust measured originally 48". Waist 36", but I've taken in the lining to fit me to 44" bust, 34" waist.
(L. Hidic)