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Day Bodice

Day Bodice
Summer bodice dating from C.1906. Its made out of silk faille over a taffeta lining (tin loaded). Its slightly old fashioned in construction as its based on a tight fitting, heavily boned lining, as Victorian bodices were.
The bodice is made in the style of a bolero bodice with a false front meant to look like a pouched front shirtwaist. All parts are connected onto the lining. It probably was worn by a woman in her 20s for a special occasion in the summer as it has short sleeves, maybe for a garden party? The high standing collars has spiral bones in it and the sleeves have a slight Leg 'o Mutton shape. This style of sleeve was briefly revived during 1905-1907.
It is quite a curvy cut bodice as well: Shoulders 16", Bust approx 40" Waist 27".
(Formerly L. Hidic)