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Satin Shirtwaist

Satin Shirtwaist
C.1907-1909. These satin shirtwaists were widely worn and popular item for women of most classes during the Edwardian era. Every single catalog I've seen from this era stocked similar silk satin shirtwaists in stock sizes from 28" - 44" bust. Other sizes could be special ordered. They were made in all colors but black was the most popular color as it could be worn with different outfits.
Mine is made out of black silk satin with soustache embroidery on the front. The collar and yoke are made out of net, and the collar is boned with thin whalebones.
The sleeves are typical straight sleeves which took over after the temporary revival of the melon sleeves of 1905- 1906. This style of sleeve would remain in fashion to the present day. The front of the shirtwaist is gathered at the waistline to create the ever popular pigeon pouched front. Fastens at the back with buttons.
Measures 46" bust but fits me as 42" bust only, the exta inches are to keep the pouched front (if this was listed in a catalog of the era, it would be listed as a size 42"), waist 32 1/2", shoulders 19 1/2".
(L. Hidic)