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Day Bodice

Day Bodice
1908-1910. Bodice made out of black silk faille with a lace covered silk insert and collar.
This bodice didn't start out life as it is now, the bodice itself dates to about 1908/1909 but then was later renovated and enlarged during 1909/1910 when the white insert was added to widen it at the front and extra black silk faille was added under the arms on each side. The original measurements were a 39" bust, 27 1/2" waist. The "new" measurements are 44" bust, 31" waist. I strongly suspect that this increase in size was due to weight gain from pregnancy.
The bodice is lined in cotton licking and it did originally have bones but they were all taken out during the later date. A length of material was added along the hem of the bodice to allow it to be tucked into the the higher waisted skirts of the early 1910's (this is why the bones were taken out, to make it into a quasi shirtwaist).
The lady that wore this would have been aorund 5'7". The front and back feature beautiful Art Noveau style soustache braid and note how each shoulder seam has a pleat at it. A pleat at the shoulders was a common early 1910's bodice and shirtwaist decoration.
(Formerly L. Hidic)