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Burgundy Wool Winter Jacket

Burgundy Wool Winter Jacket
This is one of my favorite items in my collection. Its a winter jacket from Montreal, Canada that dates to 1901. Made of a bright burgundy wool challis that is lined in green plaid silk taffeta (the good kind, not the tin loaded stuff). Its so Edwardian in style with its slight kick up shoulders and being straight fronted to go with the new straight fronted corseted silhouette. It has a high standing collar to protect your neck at the back and sides from the cold and a little removable button on flap at the front of the neck for when it was REALLY cold (believe me, having lived in Montreal all my life until I moved to England Feb. 25 2000, it can go to -40 C!)
While the jacket itself is rather plain looking, it has black frogging all over it for a wonderful contrast. There are even designs of this at the back to emphasize a small waist. This jacket hardly has anywear to it at all, I even found some remains of old candy in the pocket! It would have been worn by a woman in her 20s Could she have outgrown it due to pregnancy or weight gain? Its in nearly mint condition.
Measurements: Shoulders 14" Bust 36" Waist 27".
(L. Hidic)