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Redingote Coat

Redingote Coat
C.1907-1909. Redingote style jackets have been popular since the late 1700's. Redingotes look like dresses and are more fitted than normal jackets are. This one has a teeny tiny waist and a large bust. The lady who owned this probably wanted to show her figure off.
It's made out of natural colored linen and still has it's original label inside the waist with a Royal emblem on it. It was made in Cardiff, Wales by Rolls & Tyler. The upper bust, shoulders and upper sleeves are fitted with tucks. Each sleeve cuff is gathered at the wrist to give a semi pagoda sleeve look. The bust is full and pouched and the tiny waist is emphasized by a wide lace covered belt which fastens on the inside of the coat. The front of the jacket hangs down straight.
Lace decorates the collar, belt and sleeve cuffs. The collar and cuffs look like they originally had pink taffeta underneath the lace but none remains as it was the shattering kind. If you ask me, I like the jacket without the silk. The silk on the belt has shattering too but most of it is still intact due to the lace holding it together. The actual belt is made out of the same linen as the coat. The buttons are not original, all of them were missing but I found these shell buttons which I think are an excellent match. I used silk thread to sew them on and the thread matches the jacket exactly.
It is a tall size jacket both in length and body proportions and would be too long to be worn by anyone shorter than 5'9". I've set my mannequin at 5'9" and the back still trails on the floor a bit. The sleeves are very long. It's the first time in my life that I've worn something where the sleeves are too long for me! Measurements: Shoulders 16 1/2", Bust 40" but a bust of up to 38" is ideal, Waist 26", Length more than 60", my tape measure ran out! Sleeve length 27"-30".
(Formerly L. Hidic)